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Sacramento, CA local roofing company Pressler Properties & Construction


Your roof is your home's first defense against the outside world, protecting you from incliment weather and protecting the structure of your house from the wear and tear of the elements.

Affordable roofing company Pressler Properties & Construction
Pressler Properties & Construction licensed roofing contractors

From Tile to Metal to TPO

We have decades of experience removing and installing all roofing materials. Our installers can give you advice on which is best for your needs so that you get the roof that you want and that is best for your home.

First Class Workmanship

You'll see the difference right away from the respect and knowledge our contractors show to the timeliness and speed at which we do our work to the quality and long life that each of our projects provides.

Sacramento, CA roofing company Pressler Properties & Construction
Roofing repair company Auburn, CA

We Go All The Way

Many companies just add a new layer of roofing over the old which doesn't solve any dry rot issues or weather proofing issues. We strip everything down to the frame and start with fresh materials to ensure your roof lasts its entire lifetime.

We Offer More Than Just Roofing

If your roof needs a patch, new gutters, new rafters, or facia boards we can help restore your home to its original condition and protect your family from the elements.

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