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and Air Conditioning

An HVAC system should do more than simply heat and cool your home. You want a system that provides clean, safe air throughout your home, and combines durable performance with energy efficiency. 

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How do you Know When it's Time to Replace your HVAC system?

There are lots of signs it may be time to invest in a new heating and cooling system for your home, but the most common are:

  • Certain rooms in your house feel too hot or too cold.

  • The air inside your home is noticeably stuffy and humid

  • Your energy bills are becoming more expensive without change in regular use.

  • Your current system needs frequent repairs.

  • Your system is becoming noisier than normal.

  • The air coming from the vents no longer hot or cold to the touch.

Don’t Wait for an Emergency to Arise!


The last thing you want on a roasting hot day is to be without an air conditioner or to have your heat go out in the middle of winter. If you do have an unavoidable emergency arise, we can quickly install a replacement unit. However, getting regular tune-ups to your unit will allow us to discover any issues before they become emergencies and will allow you time to evaluate your heating and cooling needs and make the best choice about the type of unit your home requires.


If we have time to properly size your unit from the beginning and maintain it over time, it should easily provide 15-20 years of comfort to your home

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Bigger isn’t Always Better

Having a larger HVAC system isn’t always the answer when trying to optimize the system’s efficiency in your home. If the air conditioning and heating system is too large or too small it can lead to issues in performance, air quality, and overall level of comfort in your home. HVAC units that are too large for example often work less efficiently while creating too much humidity indoors.

If your system is the wrong size you are also likely to have more frequent maintenance issues and need ongoing repairs.

Pressler Properties and Construction can work with you right from the beginning to find a system that is just right for your home. We combine cutting-edge modeling software with industry standard best practices to save you save you money on the most efficient HVAC system that meet your needs.

Long Term Customer Support

We offer yearly maintenance plans to keep your system up to date, safe, and efficient year after year. With regular tune-ups you save yourself from running into larger, more costly issues down the road and you place the safety and comfort of your family as the highest priority.


Just like getting an annual physical at your doctor’s office, annual equipment maintenance, attic evaluation and crawlspace cleaning, means you keep your system healthy, emit less pollution, and avoid larger problems in the future.

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